About FIA

The primary aims of Flower Industry Australia Ltd is to provide representation and advocacy for and on behalf of its members to all levels of government and other relevant organisations on issues relevant to the flower industry; to promote flowers and continue to develop its market share through education, training and networking; provide members with the opportunity to share the benefits of group purchasing and marketing; and to encourage and facilitate research relevant to the flower industry.


Board Members

The CEO of FIA and the inaugural Board of Directors consists of 9 men and women with working backgrounds in floriculture (at both micro and macro scales), floristry, floral education, biosecurity and law, allowing representation and advocacy at all levels.

Please contact a board member when you want to talk about current industry problems and solutions.

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Mission Statement

Whether you are a micro farmer, a glasshouse grower, a ‘bricks and mortar’ florist, a large events florist or even a student entering into the flower industry– Flower Industry Australia is here to advocate for you on the issues that affect your industry.

Flower Industry Australia

Australian Grown Flowers

Support Australian flower growers by buying Australian Grown Flowers.


Consortium Botanicus

We’re here to sow the seeds of a flower-farming renaissance which, with hard work, collaboration and Mother Nature’s blessing has the potential to blossom throughout Australia.

We grow, harvest, source, design + celebrate ethical, sustainable, beautiful botanics for the cut and edible flower markets. We’re working together to put truly-local, low-tox, bee-friendly flowers in Australia’s hearts, homes, vases, bouquets and boutonnieres!


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“Dish the Dirt”
We go in search of Australian flower farmers, to share their knowledge, passion and insights into the flower industry. Having fun along the way! It’s going to be blooming marvellous!

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